akiPoints Reward System

What are akiPoints?

akiPoints are the rewards currency that use on akiddo online store.

100 akiPoints = RM1

1000 akiPoints = RM10

Earning akiPoints at akiddo is very simple.

  1. Join us as member and earn 200 akiPoints!
  2. You accumulate points by shopping at akiddo, write product reviews, share your experience/photo on akiddo Facebook Page.
  3.  You then spend your points by redeeming at checkout.

Your points statement can be accessed from the My Account page.

How can I earn akiPoints?


How Many Points?

How Often?

Shopping With Us

2 points for every RM 1 you spend*

As often as you like

Product Review

50 points for each review

One per item that you had purchased

Share on Facebook

100 to 200 points

One per item that you had purchased

How do I redeem my akiPoints?

At the checkout page, you will be asked if you would like to purchase with your akiPoints (as shown in the example).

Simply click on the “Apply Discount” button, and the discounted total amount will be updated.

Do my akiPoints ever expire?

No, your akiPoints do not have an expiry date.